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About Holy Quran:

The Holy Quran is the final holy book that was sent down to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) by Angel Gabriel in the holy month of Ramadan, initiating on December 22, 609 CE.

The Quran Pak is a line of Allah absolute on the globe from the skies. This Holy Book is an entire code of assistance.  Almighty Allah has taken the liability of the Holy Quran hence it is accurately identical to when it was sent down.

The Holy Quran is the essential religious text that the Islamic society regards as the truthful statement of God. It includes several verses that unite to outline chapters. These chapters are additionally classified as either Median or Meccan.

Holy Quran revealed time:

It was sent down steadily in a total of 22 years and 5 months. The word Quran stands for recitation and its verses are read by Muslims all over the globe.  The Holy Quran is considered by Muslims as a Holy book of symbols, not science even though the Quran includes several technical testimonials in a range of subjects comprising embryology and the formation of the world.

Abu Huraira (R.A) reported that the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said;

“Having doubt in the QURAN is Kufr (disbelief)” (Surah As-Sajdah 32:2)”

According to the Oxford Centre of Islam studies (2012), the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) received exposures of the Holy Quran in two different places; initially, at Mecca, he went back securely to his people; this revelation is frequently recognized as the Meccan revelation. It is believed that it takes place during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The second revelation comes up in Medina after his immigration in A.D 622; then he introduces it to the Muslim society.

The Angel Gabriel showed himself to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), who is frequently believed to be not conversant, and conferred on him the liability of conveying the message of Almighty Allah to the Muslim community. “Those who follow the messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write…” (Qur’an 7:157).

The point from the Quran was in general broadcasted via reading and memorization of it. The angel’s repeated visits to Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) created a different shape of conveying messages. Holy Quran reading and memorization make available an exclusive method of instructing people. Since Holy Prophet could not understand or write down, these ways presented him a suitable method of training people the declaration of Almighty Allah.

This also presented a simple method of reciting; peoples possibly will keep in mind teachings. These techniques make it possible for the selected messenger to pass on knowledge to others who, accordingly, conveyed the significance to others. The Quran e Pak has numerous features and advantages, indeed much more that it would be complex enough to explain them completely in the narrow extent of this blog mainly; the Holy Quran is the supreme reward to mankind.

However, regrettably, we do not understand its significance. The Holy Quran must be our main concern is currently left as our slightest concern. Even though, Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) says:

“And the Quran is proof for you or against you.”

It will also support us or be adjacent to us, depending on whether we read and implicit its teachings in our everyday life or not. In the modern era that is known as the 21st century, Muslims spent time on social media apps, go out with friends, social gatherings, etc. Though, they don’t have time for the Holy Quran recitation. Being a Muslim, how shocking is that.

We now maintain the Holy Quran as a divine book in our houses. During rukhsati ceremony at weddings, the Quran e Pak is used to cover up the bride’s head. At burials and in a specific month of Ramadan, the Quran recitation is done. In Islamic judges, the Quran is utilized as a spectator and for the reason of promise-taking.

There are only some Muslims who recite the Holy Quran by feeling for Almighty Allah and yet less than they are those who do Quran recitation with the translation. Inhabitants do not read the Holy Quran with understanding and when they are not aware of the importance of what is inscribed in the Quran thus how will they execute its teachings in their lives?

The main cause behind all that is that natives are not aware of their religion. The Holy Quran contains the solution to each trouble, although having it we don’t get benefited from it. Our case is simply among those stupid natives who don’t undergo medication regardless of having it in poor health.

Quran a complete book of understanding:

The Holy Quran in Arabic is an incredible book that can be learned by spirit. Quran Pak is divided into 30 sections. These sections are termed Paraas. There is a total of 114 chapters in the Holy Quran that is written in the Arabic language. It comprises about 6,666 verses. The highest verses based chapter of the Quran e Pak is Surah Baqarah that contains a total of 286 verses. Moreover, the shortest is Surah Al-Kausar that contains a total of 3 verses.

Significance of the Holy Quran:

  • The Quran educates that each person is identified in Almighty Allah’s vision despite their features, skin tone, or backdrop.
  • The Quran is regarded as the never-ending marvel of Islam.
  • The Holy Quran in Arabic is the absolute and most excellent direct for existing one’s life and looking for Almighty Allah’s happiness.
  • They make clear to man’s spirit.
  • They disinfect man’s ethics.
    They identify for the organization of integrity and alliance although following Almighty Allah sayings.

Quran a great blessing on Muslims:

Muslims are much blessed that the Holy Quran, the divine book of about billions of Muslims around the globe is at present on hand, with elected verses translated in about 114 languages and the entire book in 47 languages that are spoken in the whole world. Therefore, can’t we spend about 5 to 15 minutes from our busy schedule for tilawat e Quran Pak. If we wish for the betterment in our lives, surrounding and the accomplishment of both the worlds, then we must value the significance of the Quran ultimately earlier than it is very late!

AL-Syed Quran Academy is a global Quran learning platform. This academy is working on the Quran Pak read online system for kids, youngsters, and aged people. Our academy works intending to make people aware of teachings to make their life easy. Every Muslim must listen to the Holy Quran, understand it and implement its teachings in his daily life.

Our Tilawat Quran Pak program is designed with the easiest way for you to learn the Holy Quran. Quran Pak online program assists kids in understanding Quran in a simple way in a safe environment at home. If you are looking for the best Holy Quran online platform, then get yourself registered through our Holy Quran website.

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Online Quran Academy has specially been arranged for the students who are keenly interested in seeking knowledge of the Quran, i.e., reading, reciting, and memorizing of the Holy Quran.

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The advantage of online learning is that you can see your kid reading the Quran without interrupting the kid and the teacher. The online way of learning the Holy Quran has a lot of advantages.

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Translation of Holy Quran word by word is the complete code of life. It is a book that has all that is needed to have a good and right life.

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We have several female tutors available for sisters. Our Al-Syed Quran academy offers the best Quran education to you. You can take online Quran Recitation and Islamic Studies Classes from Female Quran Tutors.

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We will not only guide you implied to Tajweed ul Quran but will also help you achieve the practice that is needed. Practice regularly will improve your Quran recitation. You will able to see changes in your Quran reading in less time.

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We are Muslim and thankful to Allah to create us with great blessings. Due to born as a Muslim we must know about the Quran but it’s possible only when we learn Islamic education from the best teacher or institute.

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